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About - Fortifying Your Mind  
Leadership is not only about leading others, it's also a standard for how we lead ourselves. As leaders of our life and of our business, the way we control the little voice in our head matters more than any other skill we may have. How we handle difficulty in our day to day is what separates a good leader from the inevitable terrible leader. 

In this book, Shawn breaks down the five major tactics used during his multiple combat deployments in support of the global war on terrorism. You will come away with a proven system to shut down the little voice of self doubt. Eliminating it's position in life and business forever. 
"If you want to elevate your future, strengthen your mind, and have an unfair advantage in business and life, then start here"
BEST-SELLING AUTHOR - Creating Your Own Destiny
Patrick Snow
"Shawn is one of the most strong minded individuals I know. I had the the privilege of being his recruiter when he joined the Marine Corps. Watching him grow into and excel at everything he puts his heart and mind into. His can do attitude is something rare and he puts it all out there in this book"
USMC Gsgt Ret.
Gunnery Sergeant Greg Clear
"Filled with fresh insights, bold strategies, and practical tools, this powerful book will help stop your fears from holding you back, so you can make radial and positive changes to your life"
INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR - Riches in Niches: How to Make it Big in a small Market
Susan Friedmann
"When we learn to tighten down the conversations in our own mind, it becomes easier to handle the tough situations in front of us" 
GET YOUR COPY - Personally Signed by Shawn Tiberio
Shawn Tiberio
Shawn Tiberio is a professional speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. After serving 10 years in the United State Marine Corps with multiple deployments in support of the global war on terrorism, Shawn has taken the tactics he used to transform the way he attacks life and business. 
As a successful business owner, Shawn has become a sought-after resource for many entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business and life to a higher level. 

Fortifying your mind will give you the exact frame work to which Shawn credits his ability to not only succeed in business, but in all ventures personally and professionally. 
meet the master behind the book
Shawn Tiberio
"Hands down a great book. If you want to take your mindset and leadership to the next level, this book will be a game changer." 
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